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It has been a while since i have made any post on my blog . It is life, but i m back again on the road,

First don't forget the VMworld registration is open for this year 2017 :

I also would like to introduce the MVP Program. If you like to blog and meet new people, share with them about Microsoft technologies, MVP is recruiting.

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For those who like VMware tech, don't forget you can get some one year version of best seller product with VMware VMUG advantage +.
 NSX, vCLoud, Vsphere, discount on exam and vmworld also.

Network Port Diagram - vSphere 6.x


VMware has just release a very usefull free tool for all admin and architect. It is the Network Port Diagram - vSphere 6.x. You can download it here at


VMworld 2015 : cloud academy part 1 and two

If you did like the general session cloud academy movies here is the link.

cloud academy part one

Cloud academy part 2

VMworld 2015: Ready for any

VMworld 2015 was this year in San Francisco, from the 30 of august to 3rd of september.

This year VMware is going more in the cloud than ever and VMware decide to do more in the cloud with many of new project. Some of them where annonced before VMworld like Project Photon, other have been annonced during VMworld 2015. First VMware has improved is catalogue with new cloud services:
VMware Vcloud air Disaster Recovery Services Vcloud air Mobile Backend as a serviceVcloud air Object StorageVcloud air SQLVcloud air Hydrid Networking services (tech preview Skycraper) With all this new product VMware annonce his strategy, one cloud for all client. This cloud will be Hybrid and will contain multiple cloud sources.

VMware has also annonced new version of products like
EVO SDDC Manager (SDDC in two hours)vRealize SuiteNSX 6.2Virtual SAN 6.1vSphere 6Horizon View 6.2

Now VMware is back on the race with container support with vSphere Integrated Container, project photon and some API to connect to…

New VMware solution for Mac and PC with fusion 8 and 8 pro, Workstation 12 player or pro

VMware have release a new version of is local virtualisation product Fusion for mac and workstation for PC.

The new Workstation 12 Player now support:
Windows 10
as a virtual machineas a host operating systemnew operating systems support:Ubuntu 15.04Fedora 22CentOS 7.1RHEL 7.1Oracle Linux 7.1VMware Project PhotonAdvanced graphicsDirectX 10OpenGL 3.3Performance improvements for suspending and resuming encrypted virtual machines Support for 4K monitors with high resolution UISupport for multiple monitors with different DPI settingsEcho cancellation for voice and video calls with Microsoft Lync and SkypeAdd USB 3.0 support to Windows 7 VM Improved installerRespect left-handed mouse setting on Windows host The following features have been removed:
Unity mode on Linux guest and host  
Fusion 8 suite  add  DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3 support for up to 65% faster graphics, also  USB 3.0 and multiple monitors with different DPIs. The VM platform also delivers full 64-bit suppo…

Vmworld mobile app

The Vmworld mobile app IS now available at Vmworld web site. Download It and get access to your session, schedule, games, survey, and qr code reader, directly on your mobile